I can’t say what a wonderful privilege it is when I’m asked to photograph other photographers, especially one as amazing as this gal. Michelle Lyerly and I met years ago when I had just shot my very first wedding. From that day to now, we’ve both grown so much, but I can truly say she was as sincere and lovely every step of the way as she was when she first said “Hello.”

When I showed up to Michelle’s house to head to the shoot it was in a beautiful state of chaos that I can only hope to attain as my husband and I welcome our baby girl this Winter. We planned the shoot for Michelle and her husband Christopher to get some images together, and take a few quiet moments as husband and wife (instead of just Mom and Dad) on a summer Sunday evening. As I walked in her home, her precious family was bustling about a house filled to the absolute brim with love and passion and finger paintings and wild flowers. I don’t quite know yet what was the bigger privilege – getting to shoot this lovely lady and her husband (and little girls!) or getting a glimpse into their amazing, beautiful lives as a family that evening.

Once we got in time with Michelle and Christopher together, we could not resist bringing in their sweet (and patient) little girls Daisy and June for some shots. I could have spent all day with this inspiring little crew!

…and as a a 5.5 month pregnant momma-to-be, I just could not RESIST how adorable my sweet hubby Shawn was holding little June during this shoot (and loading film simultaneously, mind you!) while I photographed Michelle and Christopher on their own. I mean …. THIS made my heart melt in every way. Can’t wait to see him with our little girl some day soon!!!




August 23, 2014

Moments Together


  1. Caroline Lima-Benusa

    August 27th, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    This is so amazing!!!!! I love every single one of them!!!! The one of June showing her tongue is priceless!

  2. Michelle Lyerly

    August 27th, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    YES!!! love, passion, finger paintings and wild flower. That sums it up. 🙂 Thank you friend. xoxo