The Graylyn Estate in Winston-Salem is filled to the brim with character and personality. It’s no wonder Kelly & Steve found themselves there. There are some people in this world that keep the rest of us on our toes – they’re so filled with personality and humor and light that it puts the rest of the world in stark contrast. Kelly and Steve have been two of my liveliest clients to date – keeping up with them via instastories in the months following their wedding has only proved to me that these traits aren’t just for their wedding day, they carry them into life after “I do.” Perhaps it was the contrast of being from the South (myself) and these two hailing from Brooklyn (them), but I couldn’t keep the grin off my face all day – pleased as I could be with their unique tendencies that were refreshing and endearing.

Kelly arrived with the tips of her beautiful jet black hair dyed purple, and her ring had a lone sapphire sitting beside her diamond on her ring. Her bevy of girls were dedicated to her, almost as much as Kelly was to her sweet Momma who made a strong and beautiful appearance after recently recovering from cancer treatment. I loved seeing them together on the wedding day – and as a mother of a daughter it warmed my heart. As for Steve – well, he was busy being Steve. I have never, ever laughed as hard on a wedding day as I have during my time with him (which is saying a lot because I can find humor in anything). He selected a bright blue velvet jacket, but his vibrancy didn’t stop there – he was as hard to wrangle as a heard of kittens (and I mean that in the best way.) In fact, we had to make a deal – if Steve would give me one shot of his crew behaving themselves I would let them free to “run around the property how they want.” Little did I know that they would LITERALLY take off running like a heard of school kids headed to the secret tree clubhouse as I chased after. Thank you to these two captivating people who help remind me that weddings are meant to be personal, and people meant to be enjoyed.

While I can’t share to much at the moment (their wedding is set to be published in The Knot magazine!) here are a few from their day:


July 20, 2017

Graylyn Estate Wedding