As hurricane Matthew pounded the East Coast, Kelly & Jason found beauty in the storm and warmth in the walls of Oak Ridge Estate for their heartfelt, intimate wedding day…


Sometimes I imagine myself when I’m 90, being given some magical door in time to go back into my life and relive a single day – not to change it, but just to live it over for 24 hours of joy. How much better we’d all be at slowing down to soak it all in, right? I think how much better I’d be at paying attention to the sounds of my daughter playing in the living room, seeing how young and handsome my husband is, or how good it feels to be in the body of a 29 year old – that sorta thing. Every now and then, I see a couple on their wedding day so FULLY soaking it in with joy in their hearts and tears in their eyes – that it makes me wonder, just for a moment, if they found that magic door. Standing in the rain, as hurricane Matthew pounded the East Coast, these two souls laughed and celebrated. Kelly let her dress get wet, and Jason let the tears stay on his face (as seen in some of these photos!) and they embraced. Kelly and Jason, I’m on to you and that magic door.

The love between these two was palpable and it was one of my most memorable weddings of the season – not just because it was beautiful, but because this couple put the importance on each other and those they loved. In the midst of a literal storm, I braced myself to calm a potentially worried bride, or anxious groom, but I found the exact opposite. Kelly and Jason were old souls, completely wrapped up in the joy of the day and oblivious to the chaos that a hurricane throws into original plans.

I can’t imagine many photographers long to relive a wedding day that happened during a hurricane, but I certainly do.



Oak Ridge Estate Wedding

Perry Vaile Photography


November 30, 2016

Oak Ridge Estate Wedding