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Reviews from my clients and planners, the process to work together, and what my couples are like.

"...She's able to perfectly capture the emotion of a moment for the moment's sake, not about what it'll do for her portfolio."


"Perry came recommended by other vendors, and we desperately sought a meeting with her to see if we could book her. The moment I met her I loved her as a person, and as an artist. She talks less about herself than her couples, and she gets excited when she's able to perfectly capture the emotion of a moment for the moment's sake, not about what it'll do for her portfolio. I think she is wonderful, and my husband, my family, and my wedding party LOVED her (which I think is important when they have to listen to her directions in order to get the formal shots after the ceremony)!"

How Clients Feel

Perry As Your Photographer

initial Contact



Clients typically reach out either via my contact form, or through their wedding planner. I love hearing more about you and am happy to send along a quote, and full galleries for review.



I am always available for a Video or phone chat to help answer any questions you may have, and hear more about what you're planning! This is where we can get to know each other outside of our inboxes.


Reservation of the DAte

You've decided, and you're ready to make it official! We cheer, or toast, or perhaps send a few aggressively enthusiastic emojis. Then, to reserve your date on the calendar, a digital contract and online invoice are sent and completed. It's as easy as that!



Gallery Delivery

You remember, with love.

I send out a detailed questionare and then work with the person responsible for your wedding planning to create a custom photography schedule based on your unique needs and requests and the logistics of your day. I love to check-in to see how you're feeling and listen to your thoughts surrounding the weekend! 

Within 4-6 weeks of the wedding date, I deliver the (incredible!) fully-edited gallery to you to share, download, and remember one of the best experiences of your life. All photos are yours to reprint and share until your heart's content.  

Receiving your photographs may feel like the final bookend on this integral life experience of getting married, but they also serve a role long after the wedding day is over. These images serve as reminders when your memories fade of the beauty of your youth, the significance of a life-time commitment, and the total joy of being surrounded by your most special people.


Wedding Weekend

I am there every step of the way with my full Perry Vaile creative team to ensure the day is documented with a focus on both human connection and aesthetics so that you can feel at ease and in your element. Our presence will be felt like a lingering graze; never obtrusive, always supportive.  




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COUNTRIES we've traveled to










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What's Your Favorite Part of the Job?

How would you describe your photography?

How does someone choose their wedding photographer?

How would you describe your approach to shooting?

There's only so much that text can convey, so I wanted to share a little bit about my work and approach as if you came over to my home and sat at my dining table with me. 

An interview with Perry Vaile

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AMbar & Robb

"We consider her part of the family."

Perry took what I saw in my mind and translated into truly beautiful, heartfelt images we will have for years to come. Perry is an artist whose medium, fortunately for us all, happens to be applying images to feelings. We consider her a part of the family. 

Will & Anna

My wife and I cannot be more thankful for her engaging and realistic portrayal of our wedding! Long after we are gone, we can rest assured that our future generations of family will be able to get to know us through these photos.

...Future generations of family will be able to get to know us through these photos.

"Everyone who has seen our photos has been blown away by their composition, creativity, and color. Every step of the way, Perry was on the ball, enthusiastic, and talented. We cannot recommend her highly enough."

Emily & Aaron

BRitney & Logan

"...she will capture the images you will cherish for the rest of your life..."

Perry will go above and beyond what you would expect from your wedding photographer, she will capture the images you will cherish for the rest of your life and make you feel perfectly at ease while doing it. 

Taylor M. & Taylor H.

"You have given us so much more than wedding photos..."

You have given us so much more than wedding photos... I don’t think I will ever come down from the high of the joy and gratitude and amazement I feel looking at these photos and seeing the lives we are so blessed to live...We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again... the Perry Vaile hype is REAL!!! 

Her attention to detail is remarkable.

Calder Clark, Owner & Creative Director Planner @ Calder Clark

Kari Rider, Owner, Planner & Designer @ Kari Rider Events

Becca Knuth, Planner & Managing PArtner @ Asheville Event Co

Eva Clark, Planner - Owner & Creative Director @ Eva Clark Events

Melissa Baran, Style Me Pretty

Perry covers our team, quite literally, with her expertise and incredible energy. Her work is effortless.

As a planner designer, I have a mountain to climb with each wedding weekend. I find myself at the top of a pyramid of creative partners, each of whom I’ve carefully vetted, proposed, and secured to and for the client. The pressure is immense, as my name rides on each partner’s name. Perry in the mix means I un-hunch my shoulders and narrow in on what I do best. Perry covers our team, quite literally, with her expertise and incredible energy. Her work is effortless. It is light without being washed out. It is easy without being cavalier. It is colorful without being over-processed. It is timeless without being dry. Engaging with Perry is like being enveloped in a giant hug with a side of laughter. She is polished, professional, hilarious, and fun. What more do you want?

Perry is a dream to work with! She is a true creative, always finding inspiration to make each wedding unique while at the same time keeping true to her natural and timeless style. She has a remarkable ease with clients that makes them feel extremely comfortable in front of the camera. And she puts her whole heart into each and every wedding. I will recommend her time and time again!

Perry is a joy to work with and is extremely talented. Her attention to detail is remarkable. She is very passionate about her craft. Perry takes time to research her locations prior to a shoot, for that perfect spot and goes above and beyond to capture the most idyllic images. Her work speaks for itself. STUNNING!

"{Perry Vaile] is wonderful to her sweet couples, amazing behind the lens, talented beyond words and generous with her love and passion."

Whether a backyard fête or castle wedding, Perry consistently exudes positive energy and enthusiasm around our couples. A cheery, calming disposition in a photographer is every bit as important as the quality of the images they produce. Additionally, she is able to work within tight timelines and understands the importance of the planner-photographer relationship. Working with Perry is a joy and I highly recommend her!

Perry as a Creative Partner

What the Experts Say

Do you shoot film or digital?

I am and will always be proud to be a film shooter. It's inherently experiencial and captures the way I see the world best. In instances where a digital camera preforms better (hello drunk dancefloor!) I use it to capture and deliver imagery that creates a seamless gallery.

How much Black and White do you deliver?

I'm recognized far and wide for my nuances of color, but there is something truly special about the heart that comes through in a black and white photograph. I work hard to deliver a mix of both that reflect the moment best. To see a full set of images in Black and White CLICK HERE.

Is your emphasis on emotions or details?

My goal is always to capture the way this day FEELS to you. That means I watch for meaning moments and anticipate crescendos of emotion, but I also seek an editorial approach to portraits that allow you to look back on your day and see yourself as natural and at your very best. I pay attention to design and fashion details and capture them in dynamic ways that will bring you back to the day for years to come.

Can you tell me why you shoot film?

Film photographs can retain more highlights, dynamic range, creamier image compression for backgrounds, a smoother blending of light and tone, more true-to-life color palette, a more appealing grain, and overall more aesthetically pleasing texture and controlled vibrancy. 

Do you use associate shooters?

Everyone who hires Perry Vaile Photography works directly with me on the wedding day, unless we discuss otherwise before they confirm their date! I do have some limited opportunities for my associate shooters to cover an event if desired.

How long have you been a photographer?

Over a decade! I've shot over 250 events in 6 different countries and from coast to coast in the United States. Be sure to visit my "about" section to see a video on how I became a wedding photographer! 

Can you make me feel comfortable in front of the camera?

If anyone can, it's me. I thrive on the challenge of helping someone feel confident in front of my lens. Many people in my galleries have told me they "weren't photogenic" and I love to prove them wrong. 

Will photography feel contrived on the day?

My ultimate goal is always to have photography feel natural. Even elements like formal portraits that need direction should feel genuine and comfortable; I usually work based on each client's comfort zone to capture imagery they feel reflects them best.  

Do you travel to shoot weddings?

I exclusively travel to shoot weddings, which means each one of my events either requires a long car ride or an airplane (or two). I love it this way. I typically arrive the day before an event to fully scout the venue and location before coverage ever begins.

Frequently asked questions

In a world of clickable and compelling instagram feeds showing only the highlights, and the mirage of styled wedding shoots, I know it must be hard to filter through the noise of it all as a client. What's REAL? With years in the business, clientele and events that stretch from celebrity bashes featured in magazines - to intimate, soulful private elopements on mountaintops, I've discovered reality is beautiful no matter the overall expense. I'm humbled to be doing this work day in and day out. My team and I work hard to feature and serve real people, real weddings and real moments in the framework of a purposeful editorial approach.

No matter what the day holds, my experience has prepared me to handle it in stride. I strive to create imagery with a vibrant spirit all its own, and a timeless beauty to last generations. I've found that often my clients are effervescent in their approach to life and discerning in their eye for photography; they recognize a distinction in my images when they see it, and for that I'm grateful

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Mariah & Brooks embrace during their engagement session that encountered unexpected rain.

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