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Elle & Ryan have made family a priority throughout their lives, so when it came to their wedding day - celebrating a meaningful marriage was all they could ask for. Elle finally became a bonus-mom to Ryan's two boys and the couple included all four of their sweet children in the day.

It was important to me to spend time capturing how this island felt to experience, as well as the emotion, joy and connection that so easily emanated off of this incredible family. 

Simple can be so captivating if photographed with an eye for the meaningful, proving that love is the most beautiful thing of all to photograph.


Venue: The Other Side, Eleuthra & Harbour Island, Bahamas
Planning & Floral: Little Island Design
Makeup: Callidora Faces

Family is everything. Elle & Ryan proved this by taking their nearest loved ones and jetting to a magical private experience at The Other Side in the Bahamas. This all inclusive retreat set the stage for a memorable kick start to their marriage.


Elle & RYan

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Finally family

A weekend Together...

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