Let me tell you a little something about my dear friend, Ashley Rhodes of Ashley Rhodes Events. In all the times I’ve worked with her, (including on the beautiful Lindsey Ellingson’s wedding together at Palmetto Bluff), I’ve always been impressed by her zest for life, deeply-rooted and unfailing kindness and compassion, and uncanny ability to not only stay positive in tough situations, but to make them work in her favor. We worked together along with uber talented florist Emily of Em Creative Floral to create this editorial (featured on the pages of Weddings Unveiled Magazine) on a beautiful, windswept coast and this shoot was no exception.

For this editorial, we were at the mercy of changing tides, and so we had to schedule the shoot for sunrise, on a frigid coastline, in the middle of December. Not only did Ashley and her team prepare the decor and rise with me before the sun was up, but in a few shots she was working her behind the scenes magic standing in the ocean, holding down a billowing gown with sopping wet pants and a smile on her face and an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Working with creatives that love what they do, and that find the beauty in any and all circumstances is truly a gift, and allows me as a photographer to freely create; the results of which make my heart sing.

See below for our coastal fine art wedding inspiration, breath-taking gowns by one of my very favorite designers Carol Hannah, along with rings from Trumpet and Horn.

June 24, 2016

Ashley Rhodes Events