There aren’t many brides you encounter that you name a child after – but Sunnie was different. “I love that name” my husband told me as we pulled up to the venue. “We should name a kid that someday.” I’m sure I nodded some assurance and continued on with whatever I had been trying to tell him about the couple and the plans for the day, little did I know a year later we’d be decorating a nursery for a daughter of the same name.

While our second daughter wasn’t technically named after Sunnie, she was the only one I’d ever met and just as we all associate names with people we’ve known (the good and the bad) I always look back fondly on this couple and wedding day. The light and life of this bride fit her name perfectly, and her husband Jin was an instant friend with my husband (who somehow happened to show up wearing the exact same outfit as all the groomsmen, lol! That’s never happened with me and a bride FYI).

It was an absolute pleasure to capture this day for Sunnie and Jin – your zest for life overflows into all that know you. Thank you for choosing me to be there to capture one of the most important days of your life (and feel free to name your first born Perry.)


October 6, 2016

Eolia Mansion Wedding

New England