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Push Projects

A Push Project is something that you wish you had more time to do, that you have perhaps been putting off until “after the wedding” or “when I get a chance” or “some day I’m going to...” - it’s about not taking your days for granted and instead taking on something that shouldn’t be put off in the grand scheme of life. Something like waking up for sunsets or telling someone you’re sorry. It all counts, so don’t fill your one brief life with just business meetings and Facebook feeds.

This process of wedding planning tends to encourage brides to become hyper-focused on an end-goal: The Wedding Day. Push Projects are here to encourage you to stop waiting for the next step to begin life. You can choose something from a list (in the info packet I email clients), or even better, think of something you need a little push to take on. Right now.


I believe wholeheartedly in the importance of photographs for their ability to capture and remind us of the fleeting moments in our lives in a beautiful way, as chronicles of our own histories and motivators to lead a life well lived.