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I am a free spirit, spontaneous adventurer, fine art photographer, Grace giver, animal snuggler and enthusiastic wife and mother. I'm a former professional Historian; a profession that impacts the way I photograph each wedding - as a piece of History. I met my husband on Facebook (it's true) and have been with him for over 10 years. I received my Masters in Historic Preservation, we moved all over NC, dated for 4 years and got married on a warm September day in 2010 on the banks of a river in Charleston, SC. We have a beautiful two-year-old daughter, Ireland, who has shown us our greatest adventure yet.

My self-indulgences include romance novels, red lipstick, crime shows, film cameras, and Pepsi. One of my favorite challenges is when a client tells me "I'm not photogenic" and I think to myself "Just you wait, I'm gonna prove you wrong." Fact: Countless couples in my galleries once told me the exact same thing :)

I grew up and still live in rural North Carolina, but travel frequently and extensively for work and life. I would choose an open field, a mountain top, or a beautiful view over city-living - any day of the week & twice on Sundays.